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October 3, 2019

<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL



In the October 2019 issue of Orlando Style Magazine, Dr. Garrett Kever was selected as one of the Top Dentists in Orlando.  He was honored to achieve this award and be noted as one of the best dentist in Oviedo.


Click here to read the article in the magazine announcing this award.



July, 3, 2019

Research Finds Brushing Your Teeth Helps Prevent Alzheimers

New research from the University of Bergen found a strong correlation between gum disease and Alzheimer's disease.  The strong results show that this plays a key role in the disease.  For the first time, DNA proof has been provied for this relationship.

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April 20, 2019

Smiling has a Direct Positive Impact on your Mood, Scientist say

<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL

   A recent study published in the journal Psychological Bulletin analysed 50 years of data from more that 100 studies concluded that smiling makes people happier.

   Lead researcher Nicholas Coles from the University of Tennessee states the "Findings are exciting because they provide a clue about how the mind and body interact to shape our conscious experience of emotion". 


December 19, 2018


     The Toys for Tots campaign was a great success.  We filled two big boxes of toys for deserving children.  Over 50 toys were donated and they were enthusiastically received at the Toys for Tots warehouse.  Thanks to everyone who helped make this event a wonderful achievement.

<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL
<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL


December 17, 2018

"Molar Mic"  is Ready for Secret Communications

<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL

The future of Special ops communication maybe resting around the soldier’s molar.  Dubbed the Molar Mic, The Pentagon has a $10 million contract with Sonitus Technologies to provide secure communication that’s nearly invisible.

   It’s a microphone and speaker that transmits through the jaw and skull bone to the auditory nerves.  Over a period of three weeks, the body adapts to make the sounds clearer.



December 9, 2018

The original Paleo Diet wasn't good for Cavemen's Teeth

Researchers have discover that almost all jaws examined from fossils about 14,000 years ago contained cavities and periodontal disease.  The caveman's diet was changing to more processed food.  Researchers believe that the cavities were caused by the beginning of agriculure, when early humans eating more processed food than the earlier hunter-gather ancestors.

Here is the link to the article:


<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL



December 2, 2018

We are a drop off place for Toys for Tots.  Please drop any new, unwrapped toy before December 18th and make it a special Christmas for some child this holiday season.

<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL



April 6, 2018

Our Staff was well represented for Dawson's Circle of Hope Run that raises money for childhood cancer.  This 5K run was held in Geneva.  In attendance was Dr. Kever, his wife, Emma , Bobbi, Stacy, Shannon, and  Brianna.  Unfortunately, Dr. Bliss was out of town for this event, but he was with them in spirit.

<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL



December 20th, 2017

We want to thank everyone who made this year's Baby DJ toy drive successful.  We collected 43 gifts for underpreviledged children throught Central Florida.

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<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL

Get Your Teeth Cleaned and See a Rocket Launch

<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL

This is the view outside our operatory window on March 30th, 2017.  It's the SpaceX Rocket that was launched from Kennedy Space Center approximately 40 miles away.  It was the first reused rocket booster ever that later landed on a barge in the ocean.



<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL

What Do You See When You Look At These Teeth?

I came upon these teeth recently and I had to take a picture.  Is it just me or do you see a happy face and a fish looking back at us?

<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL



<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL

We Dodged a Bullet with Hurricane Matthew


Hurricane Matthew was a powerful storm that could have done a lot more damage to our area if it would have veered slightly west of it's path.  The only damage we had was the loss of a young Maple tree.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the less fortune people who endured the full fury of this storm.

<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL


<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL

Vitamin B12 Helps with Canker Sores


A study published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, shows that Vitamin B12 is effective in reducing the frequency and severity of canker sores. Patients were given a dose of 1000 mcg by mouth at bedtime. The results were compared to a placebo group after six months.  Almost three quarters, 74%, of the vitamin B12 patients achived total remission compared to 32% from the control group.  The severity and pain was also lowered in the Vitamin B12 group.


<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL

A Baboon Taught Herself to Floss

A female baboon in the United Kingdom uses a bristle from an old broom to floss her teeth.  She did every tooth, both top and bottom.  She was seen teaching other baboon her new trick.   If she can do it, we should have no excuses.

<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL
<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL

Look Whose Checking Out Our New Office

We heard some tapping on the window and look who was on the other side.  Some neighbors welcoming us to our new office. A group of Sand Hill Cranes just before Christmas.  They especially got excited when they saw the fish tank.

<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL
<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL

The new office is almost done.  We plan to open the new office on November 24th.  We are going to be located behind the Wawa across from Pepino's restaurant.

<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL


<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL


Jimmy Fallon Chips Tooth Opening Scar Repair Tube

You might of seen this on TV.  Last Friday Jimmy Fallon chipped his front tooth while opening a tube of scar repair gel that he was using on his healing finger.  Definitely a lesson to be learned.  Don't use your teeth to open anything.  Luckily, with today's materials and techniques, the repair should be unnoticeable. 

<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL
<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL

Cecil the Lion killed by American Dentist

Many of my fellow dentists are outraged like the most of you when this story came to light.  As the owner of 6 cats, I was appalled by this cowardly act.   In many dental forums, we write of the displeasure of knowing he is in our profession. The publicity has shut down the Minnesota dentist's office.  Hopefully, the world outrage will deter this from happening again.

<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL
<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL

Car crashes into Wawa in Oviedo next to new Office


A car destroys the Wawa sign that is right in front of our new office in Oviedo.  From what I read on facebook, someone was being chased after a robbery at the Oviedo Mall.  The driver ran away after the crash.  The car landed upside down.  A patient told me the helicopters were flying over the scene and saw our new office under construction on TV.  The picture was from the next day after the car was removed and the sign was placed back on it's stand.

<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL


<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL

Is it Just Me or Does This Tooth Look "Spooky"

I had this patient in this week and I notice something different about this x-ray.  Just wanted to share with everyone.

<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL



<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL

AT&T Thought We Moved Today

We are moving in early October, but AT&T decided we were moving today.  So naturally they transfered all our phone lines to the new office.  We were surprised Tuesday when all our phone lines were dead.  We never told them a date to transfere the lines only that we wanted to make sure that they coverage at our new office.  To fix this was harder than it should have been.  Six hour later and five phone calls later (on our cell phones) our phones were back on.  Unfortunately, not all the lines were working.  That took another two hours and multiple phone calls on our single working line.  We have a phone tracking system to see how many calls we get per day and at what time of the day we get them.  From that data, I want to thank the 83 callers we got that day for your patience.  Many called us later and let us know our phones were out of service.  No one at AT&T could explain the tranfere to a building that has not been built.  Just explained as a "Glitch" in the system. Again, to our patients who called and the phones were out, thank you for your patience.



<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL

I had a Thankful Patient Last Week

    A patient of a few years came in last week. Jennie was truely thankful for "scaring" her to quit smoking after decades of smoking. Last year I noticed some changes in her mouth tissue that worried me.  Whenever anything is suspicious, I have my oral surgeon who is a pathologist evalute the area.  Luckily, it was not cancerous.  She told me how anxious she was leading up to the appointment.  The "what if " it was cancer, played through her mind.  She decided to quit and it's been a few months and she would never go back.  Now, the smell of a cigarette makes her nauseous.  She thanked me many times over.

    This is an area that is very special to me.  My father smoked since he was 16 and tried to quit many times throughout his life.  He died of lung cancer a few years ago.  Now my wife's nephew who came down from New York to visit is trying to quit.  He was in the Marines and started to smoke with his fellow soldiers.  Now it's a two pack a day demon.  He has recently tried the vapor electronic cigarettes to help wean him off this bad habit.  He knows the health benefit, but he also figured he would save $15,000 a year if he could just quit.

    If you do want to quit, we can help. We can get you information and even write some stop smoking medications if needed.  There is no magic bullet.  You truely need to want to quit and prepare yourself to get over this addiction.  Think of all the positive benefits you will reap.


<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL
<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL

We're Moving!!!

We are hoping to move into our brand new building in September of this year.  Believe it or not it will be located on the corner of Carrigan Avenue and BLISS Cove.  It's right behind the Wawa and Pep Boy's in Oviedo near Pepino's restaurant.  You will hear alot of updates as we draw closer to the moving date.  After over 20 years at our current location it was time to move up to a better facility.  We want to thank our many patients for the support they have given us for over 20 years.


<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL

Now for the Ladies of the No-Teeth Club

<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL
<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL

Can you imagine what they would look without teeth?

It's amazing how teeth change so much to how people look.  Let's hope we all can have a healthy, nice smile for the rest of out lives.

<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL



<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL
<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL

Sports Drinks for Olympians Lead to Poor Oral Health


A study by Ian Needleman, a professor of periodontology at UCL Eastman Dental Institute, shows that sugary sports drinks used by Olypians may be the cause for their higher than normal tooth decay and gum disease compared to the general population.  The research showed that nearly half of the athletes in the 2012 London Olympics did not visit a dentist within the last 12 months.    Over 18% stated that their oral health had a negative impact on their athletic performance.



<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL

How about a $4,200 Toothbrush?

For the person who has everything, the Reinast Luxury Toothbrush is a must. The Titanium toothbrush is only $4,200.  It comes with a detachable bristle head and a free three year service plan of new bristle heads every six months.  After the first three years, it is only $600 for a five year service plan. You have a choice of colors, titanium,champage, rose, and matte-black.



<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL





<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL

Man Escapes Prison to Visit Dentist


The 51 year old prisoner was serving a short sentence at the minimum security Östragård facility in Sweden.

He was serving a one-month sentence and had asked for dental care for the pain in his tooth but none was given, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. 

After escaping, he went to the nearest dentist to have his painful tooth removed. Then he turned himself in to the nearest police station.  The police then drove him back to the minimum security prison.

After hearing his reasoning, he was given a warning and an extra day was added to his sentence.





<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL

How Much does the Tooth Fairy Leave?

Visa does an annual survey and has determined that the Tooth Fairy leaves an average of $3.40 per tooth.  This amount is down 8% from last year.  The kids in the West recieved the most at $3.60 while the Midwest kids only recieved $3.10.  The Tooth Fairy Calculator  is part of a money skills app that can downloaded from the itunes Store.



<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL

Red wine may Prevent Cavities

New research has shown that chemical compounds in red wine reduces the growth of the bacteria that causes dental cavities. Polyphenols, a chemical in red wine and grape seed extract, slowed the growth of these particular type of bacteria significantly.  Tests were performed with and without alcohol content in the wine.  The results showed that it was the Polyphenols and not the alcohol causing the positve results.  This research could lead to future products that help reduce the risk of dental cavities.




<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL

232 Teeth removed from Boy from India

Did you see were they extracted 232 teeth from a 17 year old boy from India?  He had a very rare condition called Complex Composite Odontoma were alot of small "white pearl" like teeth develop.  And I thought getting four wisdom teeth was tough enough.  Here's a link if you want to read more in depth about this story.



Thanks for our Angie's List Magazine Review

We just want to thank our long-time patient Stacy J. for our nice review that appeared in the Central Florida Angie's List magazine.  It is really appreciated when we get positive feedback from our patients.



<p>Oviedo Family and Cosmetic Dentistry</p> in Oviedo FL

New Guidelines of Children's Fluoride set by ADA

The American Dental Association has recently changed their recommendation on when fluoride-containing toothpaste should be used. It is now recommended to use fluoridated toothpaste as soon as the first tooth erupts.  Parents should only use an equivalent amount of toothpaste the size of a grain of rice for children under three years old.  For children between 3 and 6 years old the amount of toothpaste should be increased to “pea” size. It was revealed that approximately 25% of children going to kindergarten have or have decay.  Fluoride has been proven for over 50 years to reduce the risk of decay.

It was previously recommended that just water be used to brush the teeth of children younger than two years old and a “pea” size amount for children two to six years old. The new guidelines were intended to provide children cavity protection while limiting the risk of fluorosis or the over ingestion of fluoride.

This new recommendation was published in the February edition of the Journal of the American Dental Association.



Study: Vitamin D may aid babies' teeth

This was the headline of a recent Orlando Sentinel article.  Lower levels of vitamin D in pregnant mothers increased the risks of cavities of toddlers. The study was performed in Canada and include 207 women.    The study states that "Prevention efforts should begin during pregnancy by bolstering maternal nutrition, either through improved dietary intake or supplementation with vitamin D."  As with many health issues, the health of the baby is greatly influenced by the pregnant mother.



A beeswax dental filling that lasted 6,500 years

Dentistry has been discovered in a 6,500-year-old human jawbone.A filling made of beeswax was used to restore the decayed tooth.  This appears to be the earliest evidence of a dental filling.  Maybe this was the first example of having a "sweet tooth".




Here are some fun dental facts to share with the entire family!

Did you know......

  •  You miss cleaning 40% of your tooth surfaces if you  only brush and don’t floss.
  • On average, each American spends 38.5 days brushing their teeth over a lifetime.
  • There are more than 300 types of bacteria in dental plaque.
  • Teeth are composed of calcium, mineral salts and phosphorus.
  • Say cheese! The  minerals calcium and phosphorous  in cheese is good for your teeth. It not only reduces the pH level in plaque but it re-mineralizes the enamel.
  • Research has shown that the average person only brushes for 45 to 70 seconds a day.  While  the recommended amount of time is 2-3 minutes.
  • Right handed people seem to chew more on their right side and vice-versa for left handed people.
  • The Romans ,in 200 AD, used a mixture of bones, eggshells, oyster shells and honey to clean their teeth.
  • Only behind the common cold, dental decay is the second most frequent disease in America.
  • September 20th is an official holiday known as "Love Your Teeth Day” in China.
  • The average human makes 25,000 quarts of saliva in a lifetime. That is more than two swimming pools.
  • The hardest thing in the body is tooth enamel.
  • An Elephant's tooth can measures one foot across and weigh over 6 pounds.
  • Did you know giraffes only have bottom teeth?
  • In the middle ages, people believed that dog’s teeth boiled in wine made an excellent mouth rinse for    tooth decay prevention.
  • Cats have 30 teeth, dogs have 42 teeth, , pigs have 44 teeth, and an armadillo has 104 teeth.
  • The snail's mouth is no larger than the head of a pin, but it can have over 25,000 teeth!
  • In a single can of soda, there are 10-12 teaspoons of sugar
  • We use 14 million gallons of toothpaste every year!
  • More than 51 million hours of school are lost each year by children due to dental related illness.

       An average person has 32 teeth. That number includes 4 wisdom teeth.







Here's another infographic of some recent research about the power of a great smile.  As expected, a good smile goes a long way.  Heathy teeth are not only for looking good and confidence, but for health reasons also.  The main way bacteria get into your blood stream is through your gums.  Heart disease, strokes, diabetes and low baby weight have all been linked to gum disease. Dr. Oz has even mentioned on his show that just regular flossing can add 2 to 5 years of "real age" to everyone's life. Something to think about when you are doing you daily brushing and flossing. 







Here's a good infographic about the economic impact of water fluoridation.  It shows what a good investment this process has returned to the communities who invested in fluoidation.  Though governments are trying to cut costs and this has been targeted, it's not wise to save pennies now to spend dollars later.








We just wanted to congratulate two patients of our practice, George and Lisa Schott for producing a great Charity event.  The Fruitcakes in the Alley event raised over $33,575 for Children's Arthritis.  For the 4th year in a row, our office was a proud sponsor of this event.  This was a major event where not only money was donated, but everyone had a great time.








Here is a chart showing the emergence and loss of baby teeth.  I know many parents have asked me questions on this subject.

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