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Insurance and Fees




We work with and accept literally hundreds of different Dental Insurance plans. Some plans we are in-network and others we are out-of-network. With our fees being lower than many, being out-of-network does not mean a significant out of pocket difference for our patients. Some of the plans we are in-network include:






Dental Health Alliance (DHA)



Lincoln Financial


Mutual of Omaha



United Healthcare

Florida Combined Life

* Please Note: Preferred Provider Organizaton (PPO) are subject to verification of in-network coverage.


Please contact your insurance company if you are not sure about your coverage since they are the best source. As a courtesy, we file all insurance claims electronically for you.




Fees for dental procedures can vary from location to location. I encourage you to click on this link to FairHealthConsumer.org.  It is a non-biased, independent site that calculates from multiple data sources to show the usual fees for a location. It can even show what most dental insurance plans will pay for the prescribed treatment. You will find that our fees are consistently lower  than the average fee displayed. I have found it to be the most accurate source for these estimates in dentistry.

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