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Bonding and White Filling

Bonding and tooth colored fillings are a way to make your teeth stronger and look better.  Tooth colored fillings are bonded or glued to the tooth for added strength.  The old fashion "silver" fillings are not.  Although the old filling are called "silver" fillings, in reality they contain about 60% mercury. Like a mercury thermometer, it expands and contracts at a very different rate than a natural tooth.  Due to this difference, about 80% of teeth needing crowns are due to this reason. Dr. Bliss and Dr. Kever use the best materials available and have had great results.


Bonding is usually referred to the placement of tooth colored filling material in the front teeth for cosmetic reasons.  Gaps, chips and discolored teeth can be made to look better in an economical way.  Veneers or porcelain crowns are stronger, but if the stress of chewing is not too great, bonding can be used.


Below is an example of Bonding done by Dr. Bliss

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