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Smile Gallery



The red arrows point to crowns that were done on broken teeth in the all-important "Smile Zone"



Very Happy Patient

This patient had some major dental needs.  After gum therapy, crowns and a removable partial denture to fill in the gaps, the patient was able to smile with confidence again.



Beer Bottle opening Accident?

The lower front two teeth were fracture. We restored them to a natural look and filled in the gaps with the two new crowns.



Multiple Teeth Needed to be Restored

The patient was overjoyed with the results.  The only regret for the patient was why she waited so long to get her new dazzling smile.



The Old Bridge had Fractured and was Infected

The damage that was done was extensive, but in the end, we got a great result.



Due to Trauma 18 Years Ago the Front Tooth Turned Dark

A color guide was use to communicate to the ceramist making the crown so it would match to his natural teeth.  The patient was very please to get rid of his "Chocolate" tooth.



Many Decayed Teeth Needed Help

We started with the top teeth and eventually we did the bottom teeth.


This Patient Never had Two of his Front Teeth

The patient had 4 teeth where 6 teeth should be in the mouth.  We did two separate Bridges and the challenge was making sure all the teeth where proportional in size in the Smile Zone.



Naturally Small or "Peg" Tooth Looked Bad After Orthodontics

This "peg" tooth left large gaps between the teeth and needed to be closed up for looks and function.  Cosmetic Bonding was done for this patient and the patient loved how we fixed his "Baby" tooth.



Front Four teeth were Breaking Down and Worn Down over Many Years

The front four teeth had been worn down after many years of teeth grinding.  We were able to give back the length of the teeth to the smile they had 20 years ago.  A bite guard was also made to protect the teeth from future tooth ware.

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